There was a group of brothers few heard who were brilliant, they went by the name Slave Master. They played hardcore and combined the philosophy of Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam in their lyrics. While I am not a follower of the Nation of Islam I do believe in their Do It Yourself approach. As far as white man being created from a mutation by a scientist well thats another story. Anyway they even mix in some of Elijah Muhammad’s speeches. The juxtaposition of hardcore and their beliefs is brilliant and they can throw down on them instruments. Bass player and vocalist Islam Shabazz spits from the center of his being.

Need a soundtrack to go in over dive for a workout or just wanna hear something different. This should not dissappoint. You may not like the intro but at 1:10 in the groove is guaranteed to move you. With only 142 views on youtube at the time of writing this you are in for a treat.


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