So the word is out. The models for Febs Vogue were darkened. Lightening as well as darkening demonstrates once again we are still “othered” and are not accepted for who we are. Wigs, straightened hair, and darkened skin, really?

It’s sad the the editor of Brithish Vogue is a Black man.

Creative Directors, actors, models, photographers, cameramen, etc. need to be highly critical and not participate in or create such bullshiggidy,

We should not participate in creating, or catering to the “White Gaze”.

Next these companies will have Black models dressed as slaves and say something like “We want to embrace the rich history of African Americans.” lol.

We need to start holding them accountable for every racist ad. Now they know there are no consequences and controversy gets eyeballs.

Malcolm H.


Malcolm H.

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  1. The fact that the lighting is so bad is what gets me. You can barely see them. It’s funny that people think they’re still satisfying the diversity “requirement” by just putting black people on a main platform without representing the many layers of culture we’ve brought to this world.

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