Aside from the legal field, Critical Race Theory is threatening because of its impact in education and on the formation of young minds and because of this push back is great.

America is well aware of what she has done in the past and is currently doing. So instead of arguing what the Creators of CRT call a “Theory,” other approaches could be implemented. I have three simple thoughts.

  1. There are many untruths in text books and information that also skews the truth. The first thing that should be addressed are these lies. I remember seeing Bronze carvings of  human heads by Benin people. The caption read the “animal” heads were made by blah blah blah. CLEARLY they were human heads. Now most lies are about historical facts and not this kind of thing. However, if they can call humans heads animal heads in elementary school text books, anything can be printed. We should first have these inaccuracies addressed as well as having relevant issues included that tell the whole story about history related to Black people. Young minds will then be able to formulate the truth.
  2. CRT is not a theory. There is ample data to support its claim that race is a large factor in America. However, you can’t argue something that people are not ready to see. Why would people want to see the truth and or teach their children the truth about a history of horror that they benefited from and continue to benefit from? I am not sure what to call CRT but the theory should be removed.
  3. Teach your child to be a critical thinker. Since most are educated in a system that is about keeping the status quo, young people must be taught how to identify what is implied and how to research and verify facts. Why would a system that benefits on ignorance try to truly educate its population? Even more interesting to me is why we think it would want to?

Malcolm H





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