The recent movie Clean starring Adrian Brody is not so clean.

While well written it’s another white savior film. The main conflict is between Adran Brody’s character Clean and a mob boss. Black people were just props. While I don’t really like it when Black people call each other Niggas, one of the main white characters tells his Black friends “I love you Niggas.” For me that was the first mistake. Below are some others.

  • He had a Black daughter but there was no mention whatsoever of what happened to her mother.
  • After his daughter died he seeks redemption in taking care of a teen ager. It was obvious with her questions about why he was not in a relationship and how the camera held her gazing at him during a dinner in his warehouse that she saw him as more than a father figure.
  • None of the other Black characters were dimensional, just props as mentioned.

No one should pay to see this and Black people STOP acting in these kinds of movies. The payday  is really not worth it. The same ole same ole must change and if we do not change it no one will.

Malcolm H

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