Our ancestors built things all over Africa that still stand today and not just in Egypt. Here is the deeper Black history. Early scientific knowledge that is supported by modern physics (Quantum and String Theory) and scientific thought.

While it is a part of our Culture I am posting this under Tech since it’s scientific.

Many of these principles with deeper understanding can have application to our lives.

  1. The Principal Mind or Consciousness – All is a result of consciousness. Energy and matter are the creation of some grand consciousness. We did not say God, the concept of God is too human. Quantum physics even states that the observer effects the outcome of the observed.
  2. The Principal of Correspondence – Everything on earth corresponds with the heavens. No we are not talking astrology. For example, day and night on earth is predicated on what happens in the heavens.
  3. The Principal of Vibration – Everything Moves, Nothing is at Rest.
  4. The Principal of Polarity – Everything is Dual. Everything is made of Opposites.
  5. The Principal of Rhythm – Between the poles of polarity things move with a rythm. For example, a pendulum has a rhythm.
  6. The Principal of Cause and Effect – Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized
  7. The Principal of Gender – Like the Principal of Polarity, many things have gender. Male and Female. This is the cause of generation and regeneration.

The Seven Hermetic Principles Explain The Laws That Govern The Universe

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