#africaeverywhere – So a few days ago I posted about the 900 plus African students and other Africans of the African Diaspora stranded in Ukraine, trying to escape the bloody invasion of putin.  I have been watching everything unfold like many of you on television and through social media. Since day 1, I have posted on my socials that I #standwithukraine . However, after seeing what is unfolding with the above mentioned African brothers and sisters, I can not longer post hashtags in that fashion!
The way the Ukraine soldiers/police  and even the Polish border guards are treating these students and others of the African Diaspora is appalling and an exclamation point on the fact that Black folks across the world are always always fighting for their human rights and dignity!
I wish the DESCENT people of Ukraine wellness and safety during this perilous time in world history. And my posts going forward will be about the plight of my Black brothers and sisters caught in the hellish crossfire!

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