Even though I am not a Christian, I believe the Bible like many other old religions has many bits of wisdom in it and offers an important lesson.

Over all, it is astrotheology and African science shrouded in the myth of Ausar, Auset, and Heru which was changed into the so called holy trinity of Christianity but I am getting off topic. The Bible says somewhere in all those chapters and verses, For what shall a man profit if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?” I define soul as your guiding light. Thus starts the story of Kanye and Will.

They have generational wealth and most people on the planet instantly recognize them and know their names. However, America with all of the shiny things that it bestows on entertainers and athletes is able to make men revert to lost little boys.

One became child like when his wife left him due to his God Complex as a result of his fame and fortune. Naming himself Yeezy/Yeezus which references Jesus Christ, the son of God and God himself in his religion clearly demonstrates this.

Will Smith got so upset at a joke he hit another Black man while millions were watching. Due to Chris Rock telling a joke about his wife years ago and possibly interrelated emotions stemming from her sleeping with another man in their home he became violent.

Because people have a voyeuristic appetite when is comes to A list entertainers, he and his wife have opened up their private lives for others to feed on. Using fame for more fame/relevance, money, or whatever their motivation was will inevitably lead to no good as we have seen. People like Will Smith are being devoured by a system that is seemingly giving you the world and the appetite it makes for you.

I also believe a large part of that violence comes from his status. While I do not think he would have slapped a white comedian, I think he believed his status would protect him if he slapped a Black man who is not as much of a money maker as he is. The standing ovation he got demonstrates this.

Like Kanye, Will Smith let his ego control him because he exists in a country and an industry where it’s all about ego. How he strutted off of the stage after the slap demonstrated his action was clearly ego based.

I would even argue because it was ego based it was not so much about his wife but more about about himself!

If you doubt America’s ability to make you think you can do whatever and get away with it, just ask OJ who once shared the same status of West and Smith.

We see how America steals the bodies of most Black men through poverty and incarceration, now we are witnessing how it steals the soul or guiding lights of those it has made so called stars.

Malcolm H






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