This is a ritual that exists in America. This ritual takes place in a number of scenarios from routine traffic stops, to selling cigarettes, to chasing unarmed black men. It demonstrates a shared belief system not only for the participants but society in general. The reason I say this is because the ritual has not been ended and has been in existence for hundreds of years. So what is the belief system? We will get to that shortly.

Rituals are always done with intention and are symbolic. As a child we said the pledge of allegiance to the flag. It represented the belief in a freedom, democracy, liberty and justice. All of which I know now are just myths to control the masses but I digress. The real question I have is this. What does the ritual of killing black and brown men reveal about the belief system and why is it necessary?

I believe this ritual gives those that participate (doing is believing) and often those that watch (seeing is believing) a feeling of control over conscious and subconscious anxiety and fear that many in white America have and that is black men will exact revenge not only for what has happened but what continuously happens.

Now we see black men who have adopted the same ritualistic behavior which means they have adopted the same beliefs and values that made and make this behavior possible.

Black men have participate in the military and have assisted in the spread of white hegemony for years. The Tyre Nichols murder demonstrates that black men have adopted the same beliefs and values in small groups and have become a part in this white hegemony in the United States.

This ritual is also designed to instill fear. I don’t think I need to explain that. Many black men realize a routine traffic stop can end with the ultimate end for us. So when we have react with fear when we see those light behind us, mission accomplished.

I want to end this by saying, unless a different set of beliefs are adopted by black and brown men not only will we will see continued participation in these rituals but we will continue to be victims of them! What I mean by the last part is this. We have adopted the belief that there is nothing we can do about the denial of our humanity by the state (citizens as well) and that we must rely on the system to stop these rituals. The truth is that will never happen and we are actually just seeing justice being dealt to those in blue who participate in this ritual!



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