Black to the Future: A Blueprint for Change

The more I study the past the more I become aware of the moves Black people and other groups need to make in the future. The answer(s) to how we empower ourselves to resist antiquated belief systems that are not sustainable and that do not benefit us, such as racism and extractive capitalism lie in what our ancestors knew and did before their beliefs were colonized.

First our ancestors knew that the collective is more important and more powerful than the individual. The collective was valued and there was no separation between the collective and the individuals that made it up.

Today we have bought into the notion of the individual which supported white supremacy as individuals were encouraged to settle in Americas frontiers. The belief that individuals are supposed to be totally self sufficient. However, we know as Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out the rich and their institutions get breaks and government support but when it comes to individuals who need assistance it is frowned upon.

Individualism is even promoted in our products. iPad, iCloud, iPhone etc!

Buying into this notion of individualism just supports the oldest tactic in the book for dominating others and that is divide and conquer.

Secondly, when we realize we are a part of a collective and help others or are helped by others in families, peer groups, educational institutions, religious institutions, and in other communities we are cooperating. Cooperation is paramount to those groups who have been victimized by racism and economic injustice. My observations lead me to believe that most have bought into the notion of competition because America is slowly but steadily moving towards the haves and the have nots. They tell you  “Pick yourself up by your bootstraps,” This comes from a fairy tale and is used to demonstrate an impossible feat of strength. No one does anything in a vacuum and some people start without boots.

Thirdly, studying the past I have noted rituals were very important. Rituals often took place in accordance with equinoxes and solstices. When we make rituals that create group vibes as a result of taking time out, coming together and connecting, it elevates consciousness, bonds and creates a sense of harmony that reverberates.

Finally, studying archeoastronomy has shown me that Black people took knowledge of the stars, sacred geometry, religious practices (particularly concerning the dead) and building to various parts of the world and shared it. We valued knowledge and sharing.

We see the pyramids in Egypt at Giza are aligned under the stars called Orion’s Belt. The Great Pyramids of Xi’an in China and the great pyramids in Tiotihuacan, Mexico are also aligned in the same way representing the stars of Orions Belt.

Many do not know about the Chinese pyramids but Zhu Dake, a renowned cultural scholar affiliated with Shanghai’s Tongji University, believes based on archeology that early inhabitants of China were Egyptians. We know one city appeared around the time of Pharaoh Tutankhamun when Egypt was very wealthy and powerful with ships strong enough to float multi-ton blocks of stone down the nile. The Chinese also visited Africa as well in their ships.

The 3 sites are also aligned across the continents like the pyramids which are aligned like Orion’s Belt.

Why is this important? The pyramids demonstrated a higher understanding of nature and the universe. We must come to understand and live in harmony with nature and not oppose it as western values do. The world according to a western lense is something to be tamed and conquered.

When we reject these values and embrace those of our ancestors the world will adopt them like the latest dance or slang we come up with and we will once again change the course of humankind.

These are the words of Malcolm H.

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