I’m afraid to say I have to call it as I see it. Since we read about Black men exonerated after long prison sentences almost on the daily and Police still taking Black lives when there is no threat other than the ones they make up, we have not figured out how to wield our collective power.

Until we overcome our differences and move together in mass we will continue to be victims in the US and abroad. The same play book was used everywhere, every time.  Divide and rule or divide and conquer as we know it.

We are natural problem solvers and have a history in the US and abroad of inventing things and at times have done so much with so little to bring about massive social change. Have we somehow grown to accept these things? I believe so because there is no collective action taken to ensure consequences.against illegal activity. Our imaginations and or collective will has failed us at this point.

I believe in Black genius and will. We work in the system and outside to solve issues but these issues haunt us. They ruin individual lives, families and communities.

Only collective problem solving and action will empower us and allow us to greatly minimize these events because then there will be consequences. However, a divided people can never stand. We must put aside our differences around certain issues and collectively problem solve and digital platforms like this one are the perfect solution.


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  1. As long as we take the individualistic approach to success, be it financial or otherwise instead of the collective, we will continue to be stuck in Dr. King’s Dream, teetering on the precipice of a nightmare. And the “Wokeness” that has been invoked since George Floyd will be constituted a mirage.
    I agree 100.

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