Our ancestors came up with the term “Neter.” It is where the word natural comes from. The ending “al”  means having come from. Europeans somehow translated Neters to mean gods. This is one of the biggest mistranslations in history and leads us to a misunderstanding that has serious implications for Black people. This is especially true since many have adopted the religion of Christianity which was and is used to disconnect us from spirituality.

The Neters were physical manifestations of Cosmic Law and Order. By understanding these laws they were able to do things that still baffle humans today, from building pyramids that demonstrated not only advanced construction skills but a profound knowledge of the earth.

Because they made Neters male and female which really related to positive/negative or active and passive polarities again the Greeks with incomplete understanding made the Neters something they were not.

With that little bit of history, I want to simply say that the way back to Cosmic Law and Order or God if that floats your boat is through the Neters or nature. Nature is healing and in a society where one may be constantly under attach both consciously and unconsciously by members of the dominant society, it is important that we recharge and remain connected to the divine and be harmonious in a country that thrives on chaos.

By understanding the Neters we understand ourselves and can be more aware and patient with ourselves in a system that thrives on speed and ego.

How do we connect with the Neters? We must find time to connect and immerse ourselves in nature. It is our birthright to connect to the source of all things. Ra the Egyptians said is the source and the Neters are the emanations that can lead us back to the source.

These are the words of Malcolm H.

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