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    Hey Fam,

    Welcome to the Wakanda Sun. This site is designed to create conversations around and solve social issues. 

    For those who came before us, here now, and yet to come.

    Stay Free, Stay Fly, Stay Black !



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    Crazy, cray cray. Read it and u will know reality is stranger than fiction. U can’t make this stuff up.

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    The nation of Ghana is stepping up to the plate and will be formally apologizing for it’s role in the Atlantic slave trade.

    Throughout history, we have always put the entire weight of the  atrocities inflected upon us, the African Diaspora, solely on the shoulders of the wicked white colonizers. Can you say ” The Woman King ” starring Viola Davis?

    However, some African nations and tribes were intricately involved in and responsible for those atrocities.

    Mad respect to the Ghanaian representatives leading this two day historic event in Kansas City.

    Ghana To Formally Apologize For Its Role In Transatlantic Slave Trade | BIN: Black more

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    To think in 2022 that a city in Brazil would allow Black children to dress up as slaves and white kids as royalty to celebrate Brazil’s independence day is absolutely ridiculously. This occurred in Parana state in a nation that is over 50% African descent!

    Black children are dressed as slaves in Independence Day civic parade in Paraná state in southern Brazil

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    Black people account for half of all exonerations involving prison time.
    Support prison reform however you can. See next post on what we can do.

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    Ideas for prison reform. Support these initiatives locally if given the opportunity.

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    Today’s young baseball players in Cuba are no longer believing in the hype of Cuba’s communist rhetoric. To them it is a relic of the past. The goal is to no longer play for the national team  but to work their way right into the Major Leagues. That seems to be their #1 priority.


    Photos: Young Cuban baseball players dream of US major leagues | Baseball | Al Jazeera

  • The nation of South Africa is currently experiencing rolling blackouts due to the strain on the electrical grid. Eskom produces 95% of South Africa’s electricity. They use an old antiquated coal-fire system.

    South Africa in electricity crisis, nationwide blackouts (

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    East Harlem, USA had a block party for the Queen of Black Excellence,  Ms. Cicely Tyson.She passed last January . When asked about her legacy she replied, " I've done my best. That's all."Yes you did!  Continue to soar with God's angels .

    East Harlem, USA had a block party for the Queen of Black Excellence,  Ms. Cicely Tyson.She passed last January . More

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    I am excited about the new Wakanda movie and the Woman King. It is interesting to me that we do not have very many large productions featuring Black folks and we have two at the same time involving nationhood and both have Black women leading.

    I have nothing against anyone leading in the Black community. I do have a problem with athletes and entertainers being propped up as spokespersons for the Black community buth thats another discussion. If we saw movies with nothing but Black men solely ruling with no influence from powerful women I would say thats problematic as well.

    Even the title Woman … more

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