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  • Welcome to the Wakanda Sun

    Black artists, intellectuals, rebels, evolutionaries, revolutionaries, futurists, activators, connectors and change makers. We welcome you all to the Wakanda Sun.

    Come join the Digital Get Down because it takes a village.

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    A good source of data based info.



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    Def Jef!  One of the most underrated rapper of my era.  REAL HIP HOP. BLACK TO THE FUTURE IS STILL RELEVANT 32 year later!   … More

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    Nipsey Hussle’s TMC team ( The Marathon Continues ) partnered with Blankos and launched some limited edition NFTs.

    I suggest we all start looking into these NFTs. They are already valuable assets to hold in your financial portfolios and certainly will fuel the future.

    Lets not let this train pass us by family!

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    One of my favorite artists gives some tips. Too bad he is no longer with us.

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    It’s been over 400 years since British landed on the shores of Barbados, where sugarcane was king and the enslaved Africans, mostly brought from the Bight of Biafra, the Bight of Benin and the Gold coast, were stripped of their own crowns to fuel the British nation, primarily the city of Bristol.

    Well the other  morning they awoke as a free Republic and even named Rhianna a national hero!

    Congratulations Barbados!



  • Social Engineering in Advertising


    I believe people should be able to be with whomever they choose. However, I have seen so many relatively recent ads with interracial couples it looks like social engineering. The birth rate of white people is below the death rate so it’s better to have a mixed population because the lighter somoene’s skin, the easier it is to get them to identify as being white. They will then be more apt to  support the status quo. If you think this is some conspiracy you should do some research on conservative think tanks and their influence in America and the world. There agendas are often pushed … More

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    And so it is.

    Uganda has defaulted on a loan with  Export-Import (Exim) Bank of China that was signed in March of 2015.

    They sent four representatives to China to renegotiate the agreement. But to no avail.

    The bank execs said if they allowed Uganda to reneg on the contract it would set a precedent.

    African nations, I have been saying this for years.  You cannot allow the Chinese to come into your sovereign nations to build highways, infrastructures, ports etc and TAKE out these crazy loans.

    You are putting your nations’ assets and your citizens in peril of Chinese takeover. Uganda is a prime … More

  •    Cool Tees and Hoodies – African Diaspora and Pop Culture

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    We all have our take on this American holiday called Thanksgiving.

    Here is mine: I give thanks for and to my family and friends + wish them all good health.

    I pray this nation get it’s act together when it comes to the oppression and inequalities of People of Color.

    I do this ALL in remembrance of the stolen land and stolen lives of the indigenous people this government instigated and needs to atone for.

    Now I’m about to fk up these collard greens! Happy THANXGIVIN’.  

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