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    Artist Jonathan Harris and his painting titled “Critical Race Theory” from PoliticsVermont

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    I’m slangin eggs to pay for the Wakanda Sun. How many ya need? I got you.

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    Dre Day, all day!

    “I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” Dre, who was born Andre Young, said in a statement.  Lawyers for Dr. Dre tell Marjorie Taylor Greene to stop using his music.


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    Last Afrochella!!  Psych, the last Afrochella in Ghana for 2022. AfroFuture is the new name going forward.  

    Afrochella to rebrand as AfroFuture in 2023 after winning lawsuit; organizers berate partner for printing fake tickets! – Ghana Music – Top Stories

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    Another Mozart in the making?    Jude from Colorado may be him!

    Another Mozart in the making?    Jude from Colorado may be him!

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    As we move towards MLK Day I think we need to reflect on our biggest obstacles. We are dealin w same issues that have been problematic for us for a loooong time. I think we need to figure out how to solve problems. I must be honest, I can’t see some other groups dealin w the same shit we have for so long.

    I think we also need to re-examine some of our collective values. Seems like many youth are too concerned with gettin the bag at all costs and we have bought lock stock and barrel into capitalism which is largely based on competition … more

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    Kyrie Irving has to pay money and apologize, etc. Now here is the rub. The video that he refers to is sold on Amazon. Is anyone making Jeff Bezos pay money, apologize, or take any action? No. The video Hebrews to Negroes is still for sale on Amazon.

    If it is so hurtful and filled with hate why is it no one has asked Jeff Bezos to remove it?


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    When I decided to make a social media site for Black people I decided to use the name Wakanda Sun because I have always been a futurist, and a afrofuturist. Wakanda represented Black autonomy, self definition, and cultural celebration.

    However, I considered the sequel problematic. It was problematic in the same way I saw the Woman King. In fact I thought they were practically the same in how they portrayed certain things. One was in the past the other the future. Here are some examples.

  • The obvious, Black women defending a nation in place of Black men. In Black Panther we did see a few
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    Today’s Black Culture is so fragmented.

    Some within are so displaced within.

    We are in a state of confusion.

    We are pissed with animosity towards each other.

    Some with everything to lose

    And others with nothing to lose.

    An equation for Cultural disaster.

    We don’t value one another like we all should.

    We say,

    “Mine, mine, mine.

    Fuck you. Get your own shit!”

    When in reality we don’t really own shit!

    And don’t value life.

    As some of us seem to value cars, handbags, shoes, clothes and jewelry and other material things more so than life itself.

    There is nothing wrong with material things as … more

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    Shout out to Ms. Jennifer Hudson for shutting down the $20,000 Jordan’s her son wanted.

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