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    So the word is out. The models for Febs Vogue were darkened. Lightening as well as darkening demonstrates once again we are still “othered” and are not accepted for who we are. Wigs, straightened hair, and darkened skin, really?

    It’s sad the the editor of Brithish Vogue is a Black man.

    Creative Directors, actors, models, photographers, cameramen, etc. need to be highly critical and not participate in or create such bullshiggidy,

    We should not participate in creating, or catering to the “White Gaze”.

    Next these companies will have Black models dressed as slaves and say something like “We want to embrace the rich history of … more

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    A DREAM unfinished.

    Let not the three words above diminish

    For a second

     the importance of Dr. King’s Dream

    &  Reverence we should have about his life 



    Artikle Blak 2022

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    Note the hairstyles. Black folks in the diaspora should just say no to participating in racist ads and purchasing brands who are aware or unaware of what they are doing. Most brands are aware of of the blowback but they know controversy gets attention and there are no real consequences.

    Many of the women also all look like they are wearing wigs.

    Malcolm H.


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    Black on Black on Black.  Even when it comes to Legos.  🙂

    42-year-old Ghanaian Canadian artist Ekow Nimako makes dope and amazing sculptures out of ONLY Black Legos!

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    A good video on the word Nigga. So many use it cause they think it gives some kinda street credibility or authenticity. I think it shows a consciousness or collective consciousness that refuses to evolve. Black people called each other Nigga's since slavery so apparently the Black psyche is the same. SAD SAD SAD.  

    A good video on the word Nigga. So many use it cause they think it gives some kinda street credibility More

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    The benefit of having our culture white-washed is it exposes the ignorant amongst those performing the brush strokes.

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    If you are a lover of House Music and House Music Culture?  If so, you have to check out The AMP Collective’s House Music podcast called Blend LA.

    These guys are committed to not only bringing the world the dopest in House Music, they also are dedicated to giving the pioneers their flowers while they can still smell them.

    Blend LA podcast also showcases and highlights those who are pushing the culture forward.

    House Music is Black Culture.  🙂

    Subscribe, listen and share Blend LA podcast with your worlds.   🙂


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    The pages of Vogue Scandinavia and the fashion community in Scandinavia are being infused with a fresh pop of “Blackness” from Mona M. Ali.

    Mona M. Al was born in Somalia and  has been named Editor of Diversity and Inclusion at Vogue Scandinavia.

    Cheers Mona M. Ali, keep rising.


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    The longest graffiti mural in Africa resides in Benin!   It pays homage to Benin’s rich history of the ancient empire of Dahomey. The length of the mural is 940 meters or over 3000 feet.


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