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    An amazing movie, check it out. Featuring music from Moses Sumney so you know it has to be good, and if you do not know who Moses is you sleepin.

    An amazing movie, check it out. Featuring music from Moses Sumney so you know it has to be good, and More

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    Danny Manu: Ghanaian Entrepreneur Who Invented Wireless Earbuds That Translate 40 Languages

  • Meet Victor Glover (@AstroVicGlover), your pilot for today's flight. #LaunchAmerica

    — NASA (@NASA) November 15, 2020

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    Maya Angelou will be featured on the US quarter.


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    Google fires one of it’s leading AI researchers because she criticized them for not being transparent

    so she started her own AI research company.

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    The Metaverse for Smarties.

    What is the metaverse? It’s nothing more than a digital world one can experience on computing devices from a phone to a desktop. All one needs is a avatar which is just a digital body to experience the world. VR and AR googles will provide an even more immersive experience.

    Land is even being sold in these virtual worlds for thousands of dollars. This is a capitalist’s wet dream. This is why people like Zuckerberg are jumping into the game. My fear is that many will be sucked in this world and become addicted like in some bad sci-fi.

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    A good source of data based info.



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    Nipsey Hussle’s TMC team ( The Marathon Continues ) partnered with Blankos and launched some limited edition NFTs.

    I suggest we all start looking into these NFTs. They are already valuable assets to hold in your financial portfolios and certainly will fuel the future.

    Lets not let this train pass us by family!

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    Philly Power!

    In Philadelphia, two high school friends,  Darnell Schoolfield 30 and Jay Ortiz 29, launched Philly’s first NFT art gallery in Brewery Town.

    If you don’t know what a NFT is,  NFT stands for Non-fungible token, a certain type of Bitcoin that exists on the Ethereum block-chain.


    Philadelphia’s First NFT Art Gallery Opened By High School Friends In Brewery Town

    Check out NFTs they are certainly the future.

    Congratz young brothers on your achievement!