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  • The true power of Hip Hop. Rapper Vic Mensa from Chicago is bringing clean water to Ghana.

    Vic Mensa Launched A New Effort To Bring Clean Water To Ghana (

  • Considering I am an Digital Marketer, I have to give it up Yahoo search engine on this one.   Not only am I interested in building a container home, I am excited to this search has led me to a Black-owned  self-sustainable container home manufacturing facility called Bond Containers. Please go check out Bond Containers and support Tamika Shari Bond, founder and CEO. This is awesome!

  • As Black men we tend to avoid seeking out consultation for mental health.

    We rarely talk to therapists and that is extremely unhealthy.  

    It is time we start supporting one another to get past this strange omen, stress is killing us too!

    Check out Therapy for Black Men.


  • The nation of South Africa is currently experiencing rolling blackouts due to the strain on the electrical grid. Eskom produces 95% of South Africa’s electricity. They use an old antiquated coal-fire system.

    South Africa in electricity crisis, nationwide blackouts (

  • Climate change is real and it is expressed through the art of Nigerian artist Fred Martins. Mr. Martins is a graphic, visual and surreal artist. His art is created to create positive change upon society.


  • The world’s largest plant-based chain distributes Atlas Monroe’s “Cult Favorite” Fried Chicken to the world. Deborah Torres, a Black woman, is CEO of Atlas Monroe and she also turned down Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban’s offer for a percentage of her company. Now she has gone international. She told VegNews, “This is also especially newsworthy in the vegan community because we are the first Black and woman-owned company to be carried at an international all-vegan chain and we couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come.”Black Girl Magic!

    Copper Branch Permanently Adds Atlas Monroe Vegan Chicken After Sell-Out Demand



  • The one and only Rihanna donates $15 million to fight climate change.

    Go RiRi!

  • A little Black History Month Fact. Remember as a child, in the wintertime, when you got sick and your Mother used to soak a sock in Vicks and put it around your neck, kiss you goodnight and you would wakeup relieved of sickness?

    Well in 1880, a brother named Lunsford Richardson, from Selma North Carolina, invented a remedy we now call Vick’s VapoRub. He invented it one day when three of his children became sick. The actual name came from his brother-in-law Joshua “Vick”. He thought Vick was more fly than his own name.

    Cheers, Mr. Richardson.


  • Is it that our young people do not know how to cope like older generations or are things getting worse?

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