• These polls are only based on 1,000 Black folks but I believe they are an accurate representation of the Black sentiment on America, Biden, etc.

    Malcolm H.


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    Note the hairstyles. Black folks in the diaspora should just say no to participating in racist ads and purchasing brands who are aware or unaware of what they are doing. Most brands are aware of of the blowback but they know controversy gets attention and there are no real consequences.

    Many of the women also all look like they are wearing wigs.

    Malcolm H.


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    Dr. King,

    You were jailed, beaten, and eventually murdered. While I was happy they put Ms. Angelou on U.S. currency, I have always believed no one has done more for America than you and you deserve to be on paper money but it will likely never happen.

    You knew they would come for you and you stood steadfast. Thank you for all you did and making the ultimate sacrifice.


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    What is there to say. White people havin a hissie fit as power slowly begins to shift in these so called United States.

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    The benefit of having our culture white-washed is it exposes the ignorant amongst those performing the brush strokes.

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  • Police, off duty cops, and civilians are still at it. The last verdict does not seem to have made any impact. A white man gets in an argument with a Black man over a traffic incident. The white man's father shoot's the Blackman from his truck. The white man arguing with the Black man did not even flinch which indicates he knew his father was going to shoot the brother. Black people need to put an end to this. Can you imagine Jewish people or Asian people having a problem like this for this long? Black people must become problem solvers again. These fools killing More

    Police, off duty cops, and civilians are still at it. The last verdict does not seem to have made any More

  • Meet Victor Glover (@AstroVicGlover), your pilot for today's flight. #LaunchAmerica pic.twitter.com/zWMmz1y9eG

    — NASA (@NASA) November 15, 2020

  • Once again we say support Black Businesses.



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    Maya Angelou will be featured on the US quarter.