Peace family.

I often think about our Culture. How are we progressing our culture? How are we elevating ourselves as well as those around us? What can I do to assist?

Many of us get lost in the pursuit of “wealth” or status in this insane experiment that we live in on this specific continent. 

I recently participated in a Drum Circle in Leimert Park (in Los Angeles for those that do not know) and it was the most beautiful experience witnessing people from everywhere collaborating in love and vibrating high.  I had not experienced this in some time and it was quite nice.

So yea back to Culture. 

CREATE!- Art, Ideas, 

BUILD!  Community wherever you go.

EMPOWER! Yourself and others.

INVEST! in yourself and others.

LOVE! Yourself first and beam that love to everyone that you encounter.

Keep supporting this platform. It is a good look and we have the ability to grow this community right here.

Peace and love to T.

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  1. Well said Jay and mad respect. We need to just keep doing for the culture and not have a second thought about the other folks think.
    We need to continue to build wealth individually yet spread it collectively.
    When I say wealth, I mean financial and spiritual.
    Keep up the good thoughts.

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