I recently realized that Black Holes don’t just live in the physical universe. They exist in humans. I see people who lose all reasoning when their emotions get involved r when they believe in bullshit as a result of programming. Like Black Holes which destroy anything that enters them including light, humans do the same with reasoning and facts.

For instance, some Black people support Donald Trump, I have even heard a few Black people state critical race theory should not be taught. Reason seems to be destroyed no matter what facts are presented. We see this happen all the time with white people cause they are trying to hold on to their vestiges of power as it slips away but we rarely see it with ourselves.

I think Black folks who believe in reparations and true prison reform have lost their reason due to emotions. They fail to see that America is working the way it’s supposed to due to Black Holes created by emotions and false beliefs. When people see this we will stop asking for things and create our own solutions. A country founded on genocide and slavery will only cosmetically make changes until it fully acknowledges and is sorry for its past. Only then can it make real and meaningful changes or make changes without doing something else that nullifies them.

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