Christmastime is here.

This year I celebrate it with little cheer and many tears.

The wheel of time

hasn’t been kind

to my family this season.

I know  the reason for this.

These feelings are not unique to my family and myself.

It’s life.

It’s something we all go through

One day or one night.

As we grow older and the seasons grow shorter

Our mortal coils take on arrows and slings

More and more frequently.

Yet still

Cheers we must toast & carols we must sing.

Tomorrows are not professed.

So if ya’ll are bickering around the dinner table tonight

Get into those family squabbles, dog out your cousin by throwing your last bone

Make your sister-in-law pissy by slapping down a pick up 4 card just before she’s gonna call UNO!

But don’t ask who made the potato salad!   LOLOLOL

For one day all those moments of Christmas cheer will be invaluable

beyond measure.

They are future treasures

of reflection.

Those treasures will get you through

when the wheel of time spins sadness and loss unto you.

Christmastime is here.

Always always find cheer.

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