They came more than eight hundred deep 

At the clarion call of a clown sulking in defeat.

Their red caps substituted for his missing red nose.

Nothing else more symbolizes a fallen clown than his missing red rubber ball.

Flying flags of the USA

Don’t tread on me

Flags of the clown-in-chief

And the good ole stars and bars of centuries’ ago 

defeated confederacy.

America was glued to her televisions

Her fingers to keyboards of computers & mobiles with 


She was immobilized

Witnessing this crazy unpatriotic and uncorroborated decree.

For this was one violent, wicked and scary occurrence to lay eyes upon.

January Sixth, Two-Thousand and Twenty-One.

On that day

Modern democracy as we know it 

Almost took a knee.

They truly thought the election results were a farce

And were going to use force 

to keep 

the defeated clown 

in the Oval office.

Some thugs 

Lugged onto the Capitol grounds 

Wooden makeshift gallows 

Noose included, mind you!

To hang the VP!

They overran  barricades

The DC Metro police.

Scaled the marble and limestone facades 

in order to break and enter.

The walls of the US Capitol were breached!

The interior sandstone walls quarried and erected by our ancestral spirits
Witnessed it all!

Artikleblak 2022

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