Tainted blue shields of tin affixed upon cowardly and racist chests of nostalgic BROWNSHIRTS.

Melanin breath asphyxiated inhumanly

for (human) being BLACK

before the eyes of the world.

No justice

no peace.

The culture can no longer simply express outrage and sadness

through hashtags, tweets

burning police cars in the streets.

No, to the contrary.

There are to many grown men and women

that as kids claimed “I am Malcolm X” at the end of that Spike Lee Joint

to allow our concerns for the culture to simply dissipate into the digital orifice.

Tik tok, the clock is ticking.

No justice

no peace.

The eyes of the world are upon us

as are the hands and knees of racist police

eliminating our culture one by one.

If not by the knee or hands

then by the gun.

We need to come together economically and politically.

Stop spending our money and fuel a change in legislation

to balance out this trick known as

Lady Justice.

I mean if over 400,000 of us can send D Nice smiling emojis and

hearts during quarantine to acknowledge a dope set, why can’t we take that

same energy and velocity and change this archaic system that was built

before so-called Emancipation?

No justice

still no peace!

Artikle  Blak 2022

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