The Culture has been set back by the slap seen around the world and heard in the audience of the prestigious Dolby Theater. The whole thing seemed a little jaded.

An honest apology is due.

The vessel in search of a river of love owes it not only to the Culture, but to Mr. Chris Rock too.

You single-handed slapped Chris Rock and put an * next to your Oscar after a performance the critics have called brilliant, in King Richard.

“Art imitates life” you said sobbingly  afterwards  in your acceptance speech.


I find that very wild you would use this quote subsequently. I wonder what  Oscar Wilde would think of such an outburst and embarrassing moment for our Culture as you clutched your Oscar?


I highly doubt the scenario that played out in Hollywood in 2022 would have been something he had in mind when he penned his essay The Decay of Lying in 1889.


Artikle Black 2022

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