Thoughts of Black Culture. Tribute to Takeoff
Fragmented Black Culture. Tribute to Black People and RIP Takeoff.

Today’s Black Culture is so fragmented.

Some within are so displaced within.

We are in a state of confusion.

We are pissed with animosity towards each other.

Some with everything to lose

And others with nothing to lose.

An equation for Cultural disaster.

We don’t value one another like we all should.

We say,

“Mine, mine, mine.

Fuck you. Get your own shit!”

When in reality we don’t really own shit!

And don’t value life.

As some of us seem to value cars, handbags, shoes, clothes and jewelry and other material things more so than life itself.

There is nothing wrong with material things as long as we have balance in our lives.

What about life?

Hell, we stabbed another Black human being to death over a chicken sandwich.

What makes us think we can’t lose a Black life over a damn dice game?

A senseless crime committed with the rancid savoriness of our current state of affairs within our Black reality.

RIP Takeoff.

We roll the dice every single day and night.

The fortunate who venture out of their homes into the streets and the unfortunate who claim the streets as their homes.

To the waiting faces of institutional racism, racist police and devilish racists.

And with racist tyrants able to spread fear and fake news through social media

The queues of the latter above mentioned are only growing longer and more violent.

Wicked ones who value us like the dice shooter.


You would think we all would be our sisters and brothers keepers?

Yet that appears not to be the case.

If Black Lives are to continue to matter

Keepers of each and every other we must become.



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