Georgia on my mind. 

The place where Eli’s gin got America & Europe drunk on cotton cash fueled by an American sin.

A place where the Masterminds of Southern “Enslaved-pitality” birthed their

wicked ways in permitting slavery on Jan 1, 1751. 

In 2022, their wickedness which has saturated into the red soils beneath the feet of her citizens for 270 years has seeped upward through topsoil and is being bequeathed to their legacies.

Modern legacies who see the writing on the wall and fear it! 

Because THEY know from the evilness from which they came and have accumulated wealth and prosperity.

FYI, I will never have a white picket fence in front of my home!

The colorful tapestries of human life who have breathed life into Americana for decades and centuries, especially in the land of Southern Hospitality. 

It is these tapestries of color they want to control through legislation, death, disease, miseducation and incarceration.

From those enslaved Black stone masons who built many bridges Union and Confederate soldiers fought to control during the Civil to our brownskin brothers and sisters, the migrant workers that come up from the Southern border today to pick & dry tobacco and pick cotton which fuels billion-dollar industries. 

Oh to become the minority of a colorful America is a mind-fuck and game changer for the descendants of inhumane and devilishness. 

And that is the fear! 

May the People of Georgia vote to run off the ‘“Yes Ma’am” faux-Politician delegated by legacies of the antebellum South and FREE Georgia’s mind on Dec. 6th, 2022.


Artikleblak 2022.

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