Racist Amurica luvs dem some football too!

But to “Lift Every Voice & Sing”, a song written over 100 years ago, lyrics by James Weldon Johnson, set to music by his brother, J. Rosamond Johnson and considered the Black American national anthem?  Forget about it.

They took to their “ Antebellumized ” socials and showed their ignorance and hatred. 

Why? Because that is what they do. 

Well sung Sherlyn Lee Ralph, well sung.

Chris Stapleton, you rocked the National anthem too.  

Two Black QBs at the tops of their games and the professional sport of football, a Black Queen performing the beloved Halftime show. Shout out Ri Ri and congrats on baby number 2.

And Black  ASL interpreter Justina Miles truly brought it!

Ah Amurica,  the “A” in ASL, stands for American. 

All these Black faces, at the highest  echelons of their crafts, MUST have sent  these ignoramuses through their roofs, as they threw back cans of beer and cheap whiskey and shouted  more N-words than Quentin’s Django! 

Now, that’s ignorance and pure hatred at their finest.   

No. That’s Amurica. 

  • AB ‘23

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