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  • Black People Hike too! #weoutchea

    Back in the day national parks were segregated and even today Black Americans only make up 1.2% of all people that visited national parks between 2014 and 2018.

    Black people, get your hike on. It is healthy and relieves stress.

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    The words of KY – Mitch McConnell have me writing these thoughts.

    He said “African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.”


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    A DREAM unfinished.

    Let not the three words above diminish

    For a second

     the importance of Dr. King’s Dream

    &  Reverence we should have about his life 



    Artikle Blak 2022

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    Black on Black on Black.  Even when it comes to Legos.  🙂

    42-year-old Ghanaian Canadian artist Ekow Nimako makes dope and amazing sculptures out of ONLY Black Legos!

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    Tainted blue shields of tin affixed upon cowardly and racist chests of nostalgic BROWNSHIRTS.

    Melanin breath asphyxiated inhumanly

    for (human) being BLACK

    before the eyes of the world.

    No justice

    no peace.

    The culture can no longer simply express outrage and sadness

    through hashtags, tweets

    burning police cars in the streets.

    No, to the contrary.

    There are to many grown men and women

    that as kids claimed “I am Malcolm X” at the end of that Spike Lee Joint

    to allow our concerns for the culture to simply dissipate into the digital orifice.

    Tik tok, the clock is ticking.

    No justice

    no peace.

    The eyes … more

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    A good video on the word Nigga. So many use it cause they think it gives some kinda street credibility or authenticity. I think it shows a consciousness or collective consciousness that refuses to evolve. Black people called each other Nigga's since slavery so apparently the Black psyche is the same. SAD SAD SAD.  

    A good video on the word Nigga. So many use it cause they think it gives some kinda street credibility More

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    The benefit of having our culture white-washed is it exposes the ignorant amongst those performing the brush strokes.

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    They came more than eight hundred deep 

    At the clarion call of a clown sulking in defeat.

    Their red caps substituted for his missing red nose.

    Nothing else more symbolizes a fallen clown than his missing red rubber ball.

    Flying flags of the USA

    Don’t tread on me

    Flags of the clown-in-chief

    And the good ole stars and bars of centuries’ ago 

    defeated confederacy.

    America was glued to her televisions

    Her fingers to keyboards of computers & mobiles with 


    She was immobilized

    Witnessing this crazy unpatriotic and uncorroborated decree.

    For this was one violent, wicked and scary occurrence to lay eyes upon.

    January Sixth, … more

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    RIP Max Julien –  July 12, 1933 to Jan 1, 2022.

    Classically trained Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, Sculptor and Clothing Designer.

    A quote by Max Julien  from story written by Kim Morgan,  2017

    Max Julien star of the movie “The Mack,” replying to a white reporter who called the actor a “Black Marlon Brando”: “What the hell does that mean? I resent it. I’ve never heard any white writers call any white actor a ‘white Sidney Poitier’ or a ‘white James Earl Jones.’”
    – Jet Magazine, June, 1973

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