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  • Welcome to the Wakanda Sun

    Hey Fam,

    Calling all Black artists, intellectuals, rebels, evolutionaries, revolutionaries, futurists, activators, connectors and change makers. The Wakanda Sun is the only Black owned user generated content website and we are in our Beta Testing stage.

    What this means is we need you to create accounts, posts, and respond to other peoples posts by commenting and tell us if you find anything that does not work on the site.

    Come join the Digital Get Down and be able to say you were a part of creating one of the dopest Black websites in existence. 

  • Black People Hike too! #weoutchea

    Back in the day national parks were segregated and even today Black Americans only make up 1.2% of all people that visited national parks between 2014 and 2018.

    Black people, get your hike on. It is healthy and relieves stress.

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    So the word is out. The models for Febs Vogue were darkened. Lightening as well as darkening demonstrates once again we are still “othered” and are not accepted for who we are. Wigs, straightened hair, and darkened skin, really?

    It’s sad the the editor of Brithish Vogue is a Black man.

    Creative Directors, actors, models, photographers, cameramen, etc. need to be highly critical and not participate in or create such bullshiggidy,

    We should not participate in creating, or catering to the “White Gaze”.

    Next these companies will have Black models dressed as slaves and say something like “We want to embrace the rich history of … more

  • These polls are only based on 1,000 Black folks but I believe they are an accurate representation of the Black sentiment on America, Biden, etc.

    Malcolm H.


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    The words of KY – Mitch McConnell have me writing these thoughts.

    He said “African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.”


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    A DREAM unfinished.

    Let not the three words above diminish

    For a second

     the importance of Dr. King’s Dream

    &  Reverence we should have about his life 



    Artikle Blak 2022

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    Note the hairstyles. Black folks in the diaspora should just say no to participating in racist ads and purchasing brands who are aware or unaware of what they are doing. Most brands are aware of of the blowback but they know controversy gets attention and there are no real consequences.

    Many of the women also all look like they are wearing wigs.

    Malcolm H.


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    Dr. King,

    You were jailed, beaten, and eventually murdered. While I was happy they put Ms. Angelou on U.S. currency, I have always believed no one has done more for America than you and you deserve to be on paper money but it will likely never happen.

    You knew they would come for you and you stood steadfast. Thank you for all you did and making the ultimate sacrifice.


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    Black on Black on Black.  Even when it comes to Legos.  🙂

    42-year-old Ghanaian Canadian artist Ekow Nimako makes dope and amazing sculptures out of ONLY Black Legos!

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    The tweets are coming out of Nigeria once again.   The Nigerian government banned Twitter back in June 2021 because Twitter suspended the account of the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, for violating their  ” Abusive behavior” policy.


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